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Here are the final two installments to my first “real” story. It’s a little longer than previous chapters, so make sure you have a few minutes to spare. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 10

    The aquarium was near the beach, but was actually situated on a small bay a half-mile inland. During the day it was filled with young schoolchildren on field trips learning about whales and sea urchins. After all the kids had gone home though, it became a convention center of sorts, available for parties and meetings. The McNeil student body had booked their main room for homecoming.
    When Mike’s group walked into the room the first thing he noticed was the music. In fact it would have been impossible to miss, it was so loud. Mike had been to one semi-formal dance before this one. His sophomore year he took a girl named Rachel to winter formal. Turns out she liked going to dances more than she liked Mike. Besides spending most of the evening sitting alone at a table, Mike remembered the deafening sound of music that defines a High School dance.
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Chapter 6: Nice Guy, No Hope


If you haven’t seen it yet, Kevin has the first chapter of his new story up at his site. Give him a visit, it’s quite amusing.

I think my dendrites were firing a little more effectively for this chapter. You can be the judge.

Chapter 6

Two different musicians performed. The first was a young guy with a guitar. He was entertaining and upbeat, and the crowd loved him. The second was a woman on a keyboard. She was mellow, and much more laid back than stuff Mike usually listened to. Considering his situation though, Mike had found it a little romantic.

    When the music was over, most of the crowd slowly made their way out.
    “I think we’re gonna bail,” Marly said, “but we should do this again sometime.” Adam reached across the table to high five Mike.
    As Marly and Adam began their exit, Jen stood up too.
    “Hey Mike, don’t you leave really close to Monica?” Jen asked.
    “Yeah, just a couple doors down…”
    “You mind taking Monica home? I’m running a little late. The last thing I need is my dad on my case.”
    Mike shrugged. “I guess, as long as Monica is OK with…”
    “Awesome! Thanks Mike!”
    Monica scowled at Jen. Her plan was obvious, but it had worked. Jen smiled proudly and waved as she left.
    Monica turned back to Mike and gave an embarrassed smile. “I think we’ve been setup.”
    “I think so,” Mike agreed, watching the others leave in the parking lot. “Hope it’s not a problem.”

   “No, it’s fine,” Monica assured him. “Besides, I know where you live.” She winked playfully.
    Mike smiled. He exhaled for what seemed like the first time all night.
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Chapter 5: Nice Guy, No Hope


I think caffeine blocks the creative areas of my brain. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep, but there is a constant activity in your mind keeping you awake. It’s not that you’re thinking about anything in particular, but like you’ve got a light bulb on that you can’t turn off. It could be that I’m just not a very adept writer yet, but it sure seemed like the caffeine wasn’t aiding my writing.

Regardless of any excuses, here is the next chapter. You’ll be glad to know that the next chapter is also started, so it should follow quickly.

Chapter 5

    After about an hour of staring at Monica’s phone number, Mike found the courage to pick up the phone and dial. The conversation was brief, and for this Mike was grateful. Monica said the plan was to meet at The Coffee Hut at around 7 pm tomorrow. The Coffee Hut was a local coffee shop in town that hosted different musicians on the weekend. Usually they were unsigned bands or solo acts that had yet to be discovered. It was popular to grab a cup of coffee and sit for a few hours and listen to music on a Friday or Saturday night. Monica said her friend Jen was coming, and Mike was welcome to bring some friends. He gave a cheery “Sounds great! See ya then,” and hung up before she changed her mind.

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Chapter 4: Nice Guy, No Hope


The installments to this story are coming fast and furious now. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Hopefully you enjoy reading these as much as I am enjoying writing them.

In case you’re wondering, this story will take about 10 chapters in total. I haven’t decided on a very good way to lay these posts out, but I might make a link on the right that contains all the chapters on a single page. Until then you can just read them here, or if you’re new, scroll back a few days to the first post and start from there.

Chapter 4

    By the next day Mike Donovan had become a small-time celebrity at McNeil. Apparently when you save a girl’s life word spreads like wildfire. People Mike didn’t even know were approaching him and complimenting him on a job well done. Mike welcomed the kind words, but he didn’t consider his actions extraordinary. He was just an average guy put into an extraordinary situation, and other people would have done the same thing in his place.
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Chapter 1: Nice Guy, No Hope


My first story totalled 2700 words, the last one was 2000, and I’m hoping this one pushes closer to 10,000. I’ve outlined where I want the story to go, and I’ll be posting it in chapters. Hopefully they’re of similar length and only take a few minutes to read. This should allow me to work on it in short spurts and have new chapters up pretty quickly.

Ultimately I think it would be fun to write an entire novel, but short stories that I can post on here for fun are a good way to start. To try and write an entire novel right now would be like Michaelangelo starting with the Sistine Chapel.

Nice Guy, No Hope is a High School love story. I’m reaching back into the past, and I think there will be a lot of guys that can relate. Hope you enjoy.

Nice Guy, No Hope

Chapter 1

    The air inside Mike Donovan’s 1996 Honda Civic was freezing. He had an extra jacket on over his sweatshirt, and he could see his breath when he exhaled. He rubbed his morning eye boogers away and yawned. Mike badly wanted to turn the car on and defrost his limbs, but he knew that was out of the question. It would have looked a little obvious if his car was running but not going anywhere, and he preferred to stay unnoticed. He sat there and rubbed his hands together hoping not to freeze, and waited.

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