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I’ve loved videogames since I was about five. Whether it was playing my dad’s Atari, or going over to a friend’s house just to play Super Mario Bros., they’ve always brought me a lot of entertainment.

I’ve had a PS3 for about three years now, and in that time my love for games has really increased, and it blows me away how awesome current games are. Back in the day it was rare to find a game that could keep my interest until the end, but that’s common fare now.

I think a big part of this is trophy support, and having those accomplishments recognized. But I also think game developers have reached a new level of quality. Check out some videos of God of War III. It’s amazing what they can do now.

I just finished Modern Warfare 2′s single player campaign, and now I’m working on Uncharted 2. I have never played the God of War games, but I have the first two coming for PS3. They remastered them in hi-def, added trophies, and it’s only $30 on Amazon.

But there are so many great games to play. Heavy Rain looks awesome, as does God of War III. And who can forget FFXIII.

It is a great time to be a videogamer.

From the time I was a young boy the release of a new Nintendo system has been a milestone in my life. First there was the original NES. I wasn’t quite old enough to be excited about it’s release, but I still got one! I have fond memories of guilting my parents into buying one and getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. After years of good memories with my trusty Game Genie, it was time for the SNES. Still a young boy with no purchasing power, and with a price tag of $200, I was yet again unable to enjoy the splendor of a new videogame system at its release. Eventually though my NES and all that went with it was off in the mail to Funco, which would be the first of many videogame sales.

The sale of my NES led to the purchase of the SNES, and of course, Street Fighter II, Mario Kart, and Star Fox to name a few. As the N64 approached I was finally in High School. Still not a member of the labor force, I was again resigned to selling my beloved Nintendo system for its successor. My memory of this occassion is quite clear…we brought the system home from Toys R Us with the brand new Super Mario 64. It seemed as though videogames had been turned on their head forever. Nights of Mario Kart, GoldenEye, and NHL ensued during the High School years.

By the time GameCube arrived I was a proud employee at the library, saving my money for months before the launch. For the first time in my life I didn’t have to sell my old console. The GameCube and I had a great time, but it also saw my life change from a teen to an "adult." With that transition came a change in my videogame habits. Gone are the 2 a.m. gaming sessions that marked High School and College. Videogames have always been a part of my life, so I’m almost glad to see that excitement come around again with the pending launch of the Wii.

If I was in High School or College I would probably be running to Gamespot to try the Wii, but instead I have quietly been reading every article I can find on the web. I’ve cashed in my credit card reward points (that makes me old!) to finance this new purchase. I’ve once again leveraged my previous Nintendo console (though for different reasons than in previous sales). I’ve even bought Nintendo stock!  When exactly a Wii will be at Toys R Us and available to me, I don’t know. I sit here and patiently await the release of an exciting new Nintendo console…maybe I’m finally growing up?

Hmmm…no, not really….


Happy 4th of July

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I hope everyone had a great time celebrating our nation’s Independence with the yearly blowing up of packaged chemicals via flame. We had a fun time over at Kurtis and Amanda’s. Kurtis cooked up some tasty Carne Asada and Amanda made some yummy fixings. Baby Sky(e?) was even there so I had lots of good pictures.

Cell phone taste gooooood!

crazy Stacie
Pyro in a previous life?

safe and sane
"Let’s keep it safe and sane people!"

Blazing glory.

My Weekend


Much of my weekend was spent relaxing and playing videogames. Ever since I upgraded the computer I’ve been having a great time playing computer games. I started the original Half-Life, hoping to get caught up on the backstory before I begin Half-Life 2. The disappointment though is that 2-3 hours into the game there is still practically ZERO story. There was an experiment, it went bad, now there are alien things everywhere. Also frustrating are that some parts of the game are just painful to try and pass, to the point where it’s not enjoyable. I also started playing Oblivion, an open-ended RPG set in a fantasy world. Not only is the game beautiful, but it’s totally engrossing. You create a character, specialize in certain skils, and can pretty much do whatever you want. While at first it feels almost too open-ended, it slowly becomes very real feeling. Instead of finding the path to turn on the fuel pump like Half-Life, you have complete control over what you want to do next. I think I will either play another couple hours and get bored, or I will be sucked in for countless hours more.

Besides this Stacie and I had dinner with Andrew and Sarah one night. They brought over microwave pizza and we watched a movie. We went to eat with my parents at Marissa’s. Then we went to Disneyland with Stacie’s parents. I even got my first minor sunburn of the year! Ok, off to teach.



I took Denise’s hint to heart and decided to post, and luckily I thought of something worthwhile.

I’m sitting here entering grades in the district’s online grading program (how cool is that?) and I had a disturbing thought: I think I miss my students. When I stop to think about it, I see my students more than I see my friends and family. For 5 out of 7 days for the last four months I see the same kids, and some of them actually grow on you. I’m sure after a week or two back I may not have as fond of memories as I do now, but I think I genuinely miss them, maybe.

My CHRISTMAS break so far has consisted of very little of substance. There has been a lot of sleeping in and staying up late, watching movies, playing with the dog, and spending time with my wife. CHRISTMAS day itself was really nice. We split time between Stacie’s parents and mine, but we got to see everyone. We’ve watched Narnia, King Kong, Broken Flowers, Undertow, and Shall We Dance. In addition I’ve watched The Fantastic Four, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Red Eye. I got Stacie a z22 palm pilot for Christmas, so we’ve had fun putting software on that and learning how to use it, I mean she has had fun doing those things. Yesterday we returned a bunch of stuff and exchanged things. I really don’t like crowds, at all, and there are still plenty of them.

Today I’ve decided to work on lesson planning and get that out of the way. The first week back I’ll be at a workshop for 2 of the 3 days, and then that weekend we’re heading to Turlock, CA to visit my mom’s family. Stacie has never been to the farm, so I’m looking forward to showing her where many of my childhood memories were made (and they have a bunch of super cool Boston Terriers). I also start winter session at CSULB next week, so I need to have lesson and sub plans ready for the next two weeks.

Not sure what we’re doing on New Years, but we’ve got three invitations I think. Maybe we’ll try and hit all of them! Hope everyone is having a great time off (if you’re lucky enough to have some). Back to regular blarging soon.


Stacie and I had a great time throwing away trash yesterday. The normal trash guys won’t pick up big stuff, but you can call ahead of time to have them come out and get it. For a good couple hours we loaded up trash 10 ft. high outside our garage. It feels REALLY GOOD to get all that junk out of our house. :)

After our exciting afternoon of trash we went out to Lonestar for Kurtii’s 25th bday. Man, lots of birthdays lately. In typical Kurtis fashion he posed for this wonderful picture below. Kurtis is the expert at getting a good picture in one try. Happy birthday dude.


Got some fun photos to share with you!

Stacie and I attended Lydia and Joe’s wedding recently (Lydia works with Stacie). It was lovely and we had a great time. It’s cool to have had that experience and understand what the Bride and Groom are going through.

The other night we made dinner! Yup, all by ourselves. We don’t have a BBQ yet, so we broiled steak. Ick. Not only was it in the oven, but it’s an electric oven, so we had hot coils above our meat doing the cooking. NO NO NO. Meat needs flame, no beef about it. haha, beef.

My brother has reached the ripe old age of 21. A group of us went out to Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach to the bar on their 3rd floor. We’d never been up there, but it was way cool. Reasonable prices and an awesome view of the harbor. Good job bro.


Happy Birthday Andrew!

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My little brother turned 21 today! A group of us went to Parker’s Lighthouse to the 3rd floor bar area and had a great time. I’ve never been way up there, but it has a gorgeous view. I just wanted to wish Andrew the bestest birthday ever and say what a fun time I had with such a great group of people. Here’s to great birthdays everywhere!

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