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Luke’s 1st Birthday


Luke turned one this weekend, and we had a fun party! I still want to make some “daddy” comments, but I’ll save that for its own post. For this one I’ll just post the video and some pictures.

Video shows some of the fun moments. He didn’t attack the cake like I’d hoped, so I helped him. :)

Click here for HD.

dsc_1175You can see those top teeth are poking through!

dsc_1188Booger wouldn’t smile. He was still in shock about what to do with that cake thing.

dsc_1249Cutie pie.

dsc_1280Luke is carrying on the tradition of my Grandfather. Bow on the head!

dsc_1295That’s one happy Grandma.

Thank you to my brother for all the pictures!

Final Draft


The last post didn’t really count as an update, just more of a rant, so here’s a better post.

Christmas was nice. We split time between both sets of grandparents, and then we went up north. Great-Grandma got to hold Luke, so we took pictures and videos of that. Who knows how long she’ll be around, so I wanted to make sure he’d have that to remember her. It makes me want to find some of the old photos of me with some Great-Grandparents that I never knew that well. On the way home we took a two-hour detour towards the San Jose area to visit Stacie’s Aunt and Uncle. It made the trip a little longer, but it was fun to see them.

So what am I doing with the rest of my vacation? My main goal is to finish my final edits on my book. I’ve got both manuscripts sitting on the table side by side, I’ve got my laptop, and I have a notebook where I’m listing any major changes to the plot and characters. Right now I’m 20% done, so I’m hoping it can be done before I go back to work. After that I need to format it for printing, order a proof copy, and then I’m letting Stacie read it first. Assuming she doesn’t find any major typos, then it will be all ready to go! The way it will work is it should be available to buy on Amazon, and I can also buy copies myself to sell for cheaper.

I’ll have to make some more posts about writing once it’s all done, because it really is an interesting process. It’s much like a painting that can be constantly updated. Maybe you start painting a scene, and then later on decide you’d like to change part of it. All you have to do is get some new paint and paint over it. A book is the same thing. The words you put down in the beginning don’t say set in stone, because the story is constantly evolving. What was written in the first few pages may not match the way the story has evolved after 300 pages, so you have to go back and make the story consistent throughout. It’s not really fun to edit, but if you don’t you’re doing your story a major disservice.

Last Summer Baby Post


It’s a shame. Summer is almost over. It’s like a part of me is dying, only to be reborn anew ten months later. Despite my sorrow, I bring you the following photographs.

We’re starting to enjoy our baths a little more. We’re absolutely fascinated by the faucet and how it moves and water comes out of it.

We fell asleep in the swing the other day, but the way he’s holding his little Dodgers bear is just adorable. That’s right, I used the word adorable. Commence name calling.

Grandma and Grandpa got us a saucer! The little seat spins around 360 degrees and he can stand/bounce in the seat. The contraption directly in front of him makes animal noises. Oh, and every item on the saucer is excellent for chewing.

Luke went over to Aunt Denise and Uncle Paul’s and got to play their keyboard. Talk about a fun toy!

Technically no one in this picture is a baby, but I’ll put it here anyways. I went out to lunch the other week some buddies from High School that I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s fun to stay in touch with guys you’ve known for such a long time. I’ve known John since 1st grade!

Well there you go. Pictures. Glorious photographs. Little snapshots of moments frozen in time forever.

Hey, It’s Summer!


Sorry the baby hasn’t had much of a presence on here lately. I blame my laziness on summer vacation. Here are bunch of cute pictures in case Grandma in England happens to get on the internet.

Luke got to try on my Dirtbags hat and he thought that was pretty cool.

Luke is a Dirtbag

I cropped out most of mommy in her nightgown. Apparently the internet isn’t a good place for that or something.

Baby Face

A new thing we’re doing all the time is eating our hands and grabbing our feet. There have even been a few times where he got his foot in his mouth. It’s quite the feat.

Eat the Hand

These were so cute I had to put up two from the same photo session. I don’t remember what I was doing, but he loved it.

Super Smile


I’m supposed to be working on the book, but I’m watching Yellowcard in HD from Letterman from over a year ago instead. The violin is so cool. I want more music in HD.

It’s been almost a week since my last post, which is pretty bad for the blarg. I apologize. Not a ton has happened since the last post. Went to Turlock over the weekend for Grandma’s 89th birthday. It was fun going up there. Got to see three of her brothers that I’ve never really met before. Got some good video of them and the almond orchards. Haven’t gotten around to editing it, but I just need to make time.

I finished my second league in The Show ’07. I went 11-3 this season, same as the last, but once I again I lost in the World Series! As someone else accurately said, I am the Buffalo Bills. The new game comes out in less than two weeks. I’m not sure how, but I promise to myself to make time to play. One game a week!

Now I’m watching the “Brothers Forever” guy from American Idol this season. It’s so hilarious, I love it. Not only is the song catchy and gets stuck in your head, but he says a bunch of funny stuff.

    Funny Part 1

Paula: “Why is Simon’s name on your hat?”
Guy with funny hat: “As long as there is free media, television, radio, people will speak the name of Simon.”

    Funny Part 2

Guy with funny hat: “You are heaven’s chosen, to give chance to any talent…for free of charge.”

I love that this guy is such a supporter of capitalism, it’s great. OK, off to write the book now. Go Dodgers.

This is a recurring short story that I can write in spurts. There is no real beginning or end, but will simply chronicle the mishaps of a pizza delivery man. It is most certainly inspired by my time as a pizza delivery truck driver, but as you will see, the similarities stop there.

Mishaps of a Pizza Delivery Boy
“I Once Was a Dead Old Man”

    A couple of shady looking characters walked into Mancini’s Pizza in Santa Monica. The elderly lady, and what appeared to be her granddaughter, were obviously up to no good. They approached the counter. The owner, Mr. Biagio Mancini, waitied warily behind the register. He’d seen their kind before, and at the tender age of 74, he was suspicious of everyone.
    “Excuse me sir,” the old woman asked in a frail voice, “But could you change our dollar for quarters?”
    At least five times a day this happened. The parking outside, save for two spots reserved for Mancini’s Pizza, were all metered. People like these two sorry beggars were the bane of Biagio Mancini’s existence.
    “What? I’m so so sorry. You think this is a bank, no? Down the street, you go the bank.” Mr. Mancini’s aged voice had practiced this line countless times.
    “Oh, no sir, we just needed change for the meter and wondered-”
    “Yes, yes, you and everybody else. No change! You go now!”
    “But just four quarters sir…”
    Mancini’s Italian accent grew thicker with his anger. In a whisper the woman could barely hear he said “Get out of my store.”
    “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
    Mancini reached for the long metal pole used to reach deep into the pizza oven. Using both hands he held the pole like a warrior headed to battle.
    In a slightly louder voice he said again, “Get out of my store.”
    The woman looked downright confused and began to back away from the crazed grey haired man.
    “Get out of my store,” Mancini said, now slightly louder than the average speaking voice.
    “What a sad old man-”
    “Get out of my store!” he said, now at yelling volume. He muttered Italian curse words of the foulest nature under his breathe.
    The old lady and her granddaughter hastened their pace and left the store without quarters.

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Chapter 5: Nice Guy, No Hope


I think caffeine blocks the creative areas of my brain. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep, but there is a constant activity in your mind keeping you awake. It’s not that you’re thinking about anything in particular, but like you’ve got a light bulb on that you can’t turn off. It could be that I’m just not a very adept writer yet, but it sure seemed like the caffeine wasn’t aiding my writing.

Regardless of any excuses, here is the next chapter. You’ll be glad to know that the next chapter is also started, so it should follow quickly.

Chapter 5

    After about an hour of staring at Monica’s phone number, Mike found the courage to pick up the phone and dial. The conversation was brief, and for this Mike was grateful. Monica said the plan was to meet at The Coffee Hut at around 7 pm tomorrow. The Coffee Hut was a local coffee shop in town that hosted different musicians on the weekend. Usually they were unsigned bands or solo acts that had yet to be discovered. It was popular to grab a cup of coffee and sit for a few hours and listen to music on a Friday or Saturday night. Monica said her friend Jen was coming, and Mike was welcome to bring some friends. He gave a cheery “Sounds great! See ya then,” and hung up before she changed her mind.

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Beans and Wieners


“Tommy, it’s time to set the table!” Mom worked diligently over the stove cooking a familiar meal.

Tommy was four years old and had enough energy to blown down a house. Even when he was learning to walk his mother had commented that he went straight from crawling to running. He was always in motion, and channeling that energy was always a challenge. This meant that the rest of the family was usually involved in a Tommy activity like coloring, riding scooters, or hide and seek. Tommy was certainly a handful.
He was sort of an odd boy, and definitely not a kid you’d see in a Pampers commercial looking perfect and cute. That’s not to say he was a bad kid by any means, he was “unique.” He wore big glasses with a prescription that rivaled Grandma and Grandpa. The lenses made his eyes almost twice their normal size, which looked very out of proportion for his head. His hair was straight and blond, but he had a defiant cowlick that liked to stick up in the front. His hands were always dirty, and if Mom didn’t pay attention, sometimes he had the dreaded snot and dirt face. When you’re four you don’t bother with tissues, and you don’t wash your hands unless someone forces you. Smeared boogers on the face are gross enough, but when you mix in dirt it really brings out the texture, sort of like a work of art. Tommy was a budding booger artist.

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