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Happy Easter!

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Hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday. It’s one of those days we can stop and remember such an awesome sacrifice. It’s a day that gives our life meaning and hope. Some religions follow people who died…and stayed dead. Christians worship a man that died for our sake, and walked out of the tomb to tell about it. It happened, I believe it, and that gives me hope in my future, and peace in my present.

The Glory that is DesktopX!

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During breaks from all my school work this week, I’ve been playing with a fun little tool called DesktopX. It’s a FREE program that can turn your desktop into a ton of fun. After you install it you can download objects, widgets, and themes to run.

So you’re still saying "Nathan, what the heck does it do?" Oooh, what doesn’t it do! Right now I have a rotating image of the earth on my desktop…it can tell me the current temperature, 5 day forecast, and even show me a radar image of Southern California. Next I have a special "Desktop Note" widget (no, I don’t know why they call them that). I can put new sticky notes on my desktop to remind me about different things I need to do. Then there are special system info displays. They can show you your ip, ram and cpu usage, and tons more. Then there are zoomer icons, clocks, alarms, calendars, games, and just weird fun stuff. If any of that sounds cool, visit some of the links below!

Get DesktopX here

– Look at the left column for DesktopX sections.

DeviantArt – Lots of cool stuff on this site. They pretty much hate Christians and Republicans, but I’ll forgive them for some cool DesktopX objects.

Skinbase – Some weird stuff.

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