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One Day Zombie


I did it…I went a whole month without a post…how sad. February was a short month though, so if I add an extra day to that month, then today would only be March 16th, and I wouldn’t be dead yet. Makes perfect sense.

Luke is three now! On one hand it feels like it has gone by fast, but on the other we see pictures of him at 6 months old and I can barely remember it. We’re getting the hang of going potty, which is great. We love Bob the Builder and fixing things!

Otherwise nothing too exciting is going on (guess that’s why I haven’t posted!). Now for some quick hits:

  • I have 29 unique Androids now between series 1 and 2. I’m missing two from this new series, but they’re chases, and will easily cost me $75 a piece on ebay. Meh.
  • I’ve been playing FF13 for 83 hours (and yes, I’m finally getting bored.) But I’ve got one or two trophies I’m soooo close to getting, haha.
  • Can’t wait for baseball season to start.
  • Running got a little sidetracked. Tweaked my back painting ceilings, so I wasn’t running as much as usual. I’m really going to have to push, but I think I can still reach my goal.
  • Almost done with Dexter – Season 1. Enjoying it very much.

Guess that’s all for now!

A few weeks back I found out about something called vinyl toys! They’re collectible figures, usually around 3 inches tall, that come in “blind boxes.” The box usually tells you the odds of landing a certain figure, but you don’t know what you’ve got until you open it!

Now these Android toys were made by an artist named Andrew Bell, and he does some pretty cool stuff. These were very limited edition, and getting some meant following his twitter to find out when he would release more in his store. I think he usually released around 50-100 each time, but they were sold out in minutes. At first I just wanted to get a couple…but then I got the fever. I wanted them ALL! So I bought as many as I could to build my set, got a couple for my brother, and then sold the rest on ebay.

The three guys in the middle on the bottom are called “chase” figures, because they are rarer than the rest. They’re not even listed on the box. The guy in the middle is so rare that only 6 or so have shown up on ebay in the last month. I had to buy him, and I traded for the APK android on the right. I got duplicates of the invader one (looks like a game of space invaders on him), so I traded my duplicate with a guy in Ohio.

And finally, they come in cases of 16, and luckily I was able to get one of them. That’s the box they’re on top of, and it makes a really cool display piece. Not sure I’ll ever go this crazy about another vinyl toy, but it’s a fun collection to have.

They’re Multiplying



Mmmm Vacation

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It’s only been two months, but I’ve been enjoying it!

Since my last post we went camping as a family, something we hadn’t done in 20 years or so. It was fun cooking together, hiking, and playing in the Big Sur river. On the way home we stopped in San Luis Obispo and visited the farmers market. Crazy busy, but fun.

Then last week we went to Vegas for a friend’s 30th bday. Stacie saw a show, I dropped $25 on the dodgers, and overall just had fun with friends we don’t get to see enough.

Now I’m dreading going back to work, but I’m enjoying what time I have. Starcraft 2 is amazing, and I would play it every waking moment if I could.

My other interest as of late are “designer” vinyl toys. It started with some neat limited edition Android toys, but then I discovered there are all sorts of different ones available. These come in a “blind box,” where they are wrapped in foil. Some versions are rarer than others. They’re 3 inches tall, and about $7, but they’re way neat. I managed to grab a couple before they sold out, and I pulled duplicates!

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


1) JIT Compiler (2x-5x speed increase)
2) Dedicated phone and browser buttons on the home screens
3) USB Tethering and Wifi Hotspot
4) Flash 10.1 capable (when downloaded from the marketplace)
5) Marketplace upgrade allows comments to be ranked as “helpful, unhelpful, spam”
6) Copy and paste in Gmail
7) Apps 2 SDcard
8 ) Auto upgrades/Multiple upgrades in the marketplace
9) Bluetooth Voice Dialing
10) New camera buttons allowing you to set options quicker
11) Faster down/up speeds over wifi (I’m seeing 3G increases too. Used to get 200-300kb down, now pushing 800-900kb in same exact area)
12) New “Car Home” Layout
13) Google Talk and Messaging are now white background with black text (reversed)
14) Forward and Back buttons in Gmail
15) Calendar App uses small blue dots instead of large green bars in month view.
16) Call log now combines multiple calls to a contact instead of listing each one numerous times.
17) Colored trackball notifications appear possible, but app specific? (link)

I’m sure I’m missing a few things, so feel free to reply.

The Android WordPress app came out with an update, and it said something about pictures, so I’m giving it a try.

You can’t put pictures in between text, only above or below. You can set a thumbnail width, center it, and an option for linking to the full picture.

I forget that I can blog anywhere now. When I’ve got two minutes to spare I need to make posts! Today’s post is an excuse to show Luke’s after daycare snack. A drink and cheese!


I’m trying out yet another keyboard on the nexus one, this time the HTC Sense keyboard. The nexus one only comes with the stock Android 2.1 keyboard, which isn’t bad, but there is always room for improvement.

My main complaints with the stock keyboard is that to do any special characters you have to push a symbol button first (same for numbers). I’ve tried a keyboard called Smart Keyboard that allows you to long press buttons as a shortcut. Like long press “r” and you get a 4. Smart keyboard is good…but it won’t use the dictionary or auto apostrophe unless you buy the full version.

I’ve tried swype, which was just a little strange, but it’s missing some stuff like auto apostrophe, and double letters are just hard to do.

So that brings us to the HTC Sense keyboard. It comes on Android devices running sense, but people have been able to get it working on non-sense devices. It looks nice, has auto capitalization and apostrophe, and a great predictive dictionary feature.

You can check it out here.

The Blarg Goes Mobile

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Since I’ve been using an Android phone, I’ve grown to appreciate websites designed with mobile users in mind. There are a lot of options available for WordPress, but I decided to give WordPress Touch a try, and so far I really like it. I’m looking to move to a new theme here also. This theme was designed for something like WordPress 1.5.

If you’ve got a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc), then head on over to to see the new mobile layout. You can even login, leave comments, and all that good stuff. To login, hit the little arrow in the top right.

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