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Another Day…

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…and another Christmas album! This one was made by yours truly and my best man Kurtiigeek! I can’t remember the year exactly…but I’m going with early 2000′s…perhaps 2002 or 2003? Kurtii might know. Enjoy!

A Quantity Over Quality Christmas

Rock and Roll Christmas


I’ve got a custom made Christmas album that I listen to every year. It’s mostly styles of music that I enjoy, so everything from punk to emo to alternative. Feel free to download it below. I’m always looking for new stuff though, so if you’ve heard an awesome Christmas tune make sure you post in the comments!

Rock and Roll Christmas Album (25 songs, 100mb)

Forever the Sickest Kids

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Got a “new” band I heard on Conan a while back. Give them a list over on Blarg Radio to the right! I would classify it as “Bubblegum Pop Punk.” That’s not an official category by any means, but simply a made up Blarg category. I can do that because it’s my website.

New Music

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Edit: I went ahead and threw all three songs on The Blarg radio over to the right. Now you don’t even have to leave this page to listen to the music! Oh WoW!

Some music I like a lot. Stuck in my head mucho.

Anarbor – I’ll Stay to the West

Parade the Day – American Dream

Over It – Caught Up In A Rundown

All Time Low

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All Time Low has a new album out! I’m ordering the sucker right now.

Go visit their Purevolume page to listen to a few new tracks. The first song, Dear Maria Count Me In, totally rocks. Give them a listen!

Cute is What We Aim For


I’ve been slacking on my posting of new bands I’m listening to. One of the newest is a band called Cute is What We Aim For. They’re a little more mellow than some of loud stuff I like, so take a gander on the right at Blarg Radio for a listen. If you like it there are a couple more tracks at their purevolume page.

New Music: Cartel

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I haven’t posted any "new" music lately, but I’ve got one for you today! It’s called Honestly by a band named Cartel. It’s not exactly new (2005), but it’s still very good. Check them out over on the Blarg radio! If you’d like to hear more songs by this band visit their purevolume page.



I’ve posted a new song over in the little media player there in the number one position. It’s called "Touchdown Turnaround" by Hellogoodbye. They’re a really interesting synth/pop/rock band. I feel really geeky/guilty listening to them, like someone is about to open the door and find out what I’m listening to and publicly humiliate me. :) The rest of the album is a little mellow, but very unique. If you’d like to hear some of their other songs check them out at purevolume. You can even download that song.

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