My last post I talked about how I spent the summer rebuilding the videogame collection of my youth. I don’t have room in the house to have them all hooked up at the same time though. One day I will have an awesome old CRT with every system hooked up in a game room…but for now, we have room for one system at a time. What Luke and I have been doing is hooking up one system, and playing one game at a time.

Kirby’s Adventure


First system we hooked up was the original NES. While we did own an Atari growing up, the NES was the first new system I ever got. Never played a Kirby game in my life though, and other than playing as Kirby in Smash Bros., this was my first Kirby experience. It came out super late in the NES lifecycle in 1993, about a year and a half after the SNES came out. By now, if I hadn’t sold my NES to finance an SNES, I’m sure all my attention was squarely on the SNES at this point.

This is one of the few NES games that has a battery backup, so first thing I did was replace that with a fresh battery. Game follows a pretty simple formula. You pass levels that open up more levels, and you access those from a fun level select screen where you can fly around to the different “doors” for each level. There are some fun mini

Much like the original Super Mario Bros., it feels really weird to be thrown into a game with NO story. Here’s a level, start playing! The game mechanics are definitely ungames thrown in where you can earn extra lives and some special weapons.


It only took us a week or so to beat the game, but it was fun. I have some of the follow-ups on the SNES and N64, so we’ll have to check those out. And since there are no such thing as trophies or achievements (even to this day, come on Nintendo), pictures will have to do! Even that felt old school…I remember taking pictures of my best Mario Kart times to send to Nintendo Power.ique and fun though. I haven’t played all the Kirby games, but I think this is the first one that allows you to swallow an enemy and assume their “power.” Between that, flying, and sliding, there is a good variety of gameplay. It does suffer from a LOT of slowdown though…poor little NES cpu.



Super Mario World

mario worldNext up we plugged in the SNES. This was the second system I ever owned. I have vivid memories of selling all my NES stuff to a company in the back of a videogame magazine. They listed prices in the back of the magazine, but what you would do is call them, tell them what you had, and they’d quote you prices. Then you mail it all in, and they send you a check. Like Gamestop now, but old school. Now that I think about it…I couldn’t have been much more than 10, so my parents must have helped me package it up and mail it, so thanks parents.

This is another game though that I don’t remember owning, so I must have got it just long enough after launch (a year or two at least) that they weren’t packing this in with the system anymore.  A lot of this game was brand new to me, and that was a lot of fun Thankfully, unlike the NES Mario games, this one has a battery backup! You don’t have to play it all in one sitting thankfully.


My first thoughts on this game are…it’s stinking hard. There are some areas that are downright challenging, where I’d die and start punching my leg. Overall though, one of the best entries in the series. There are different colored switches hidden throughout the world, and they turn on colored blocks in later levels…sometimes with a power-up inside, or sometimes to block bad guys and make levels easier. We didn’t 100% the game yet (there are hidden star levels you can unlock and beat that are extra), but yesterday we beat Bowser! Was quite challenging and very rewarding. Was also fun to play this game in the age of youtube, where you can look up stuff like where are the hidden switches, and if you go to this level and do this one thing you can get 50 lives. Very helpful. :)



To be honest, I played most of the games, because they’re still a little too challenging for Luke. But he had a lot of fun watching me. In fact, I have memories of watching my own Dad beat games on the old Mac Classic we had back in the mid 1980′s, when I was too little to be very good at hard games. I hope some day he remembers when he and his dad sat down and beat some old Nintendo games.