Since I won’t have any teachers making me write about my summer, I’ll have to make myself do it!

This summer has been great, and I’m sad to see it come to an end. It got started with a bang when Logan was born. It’s been fun to stay home all summer and help take care of him. Having three kids is definitely challenging, but Luke is old enough that he’s pretty self-sufficient. In a way it’s only like we have Logan and Lorelai to take care of, and Luke can actually help out a lot. Logan is finally getting to the “sit and be happy” stage, where he doesn’t always need to be held. He’s sleeping pretty well too, and that will only improve. Big brother and sister have handled the transition wonderfully. For some reason, loading all three of them up in the minivan is fun. There’s this sense that our family is “done,” which is nice. I know who all the members are, and now we get to watch them grow up.

Earlier this summer I decided that I wanted to expose Luke (and eventually Logan and Lorelai if they want) to old school video games! There weren’t always fancy HD graphics with characters running around in 3D! I put out a request on Facebook looking for some old systems, and my sister-in-law came through with an NES and some cool games. It didn’t work out of the box, so I had to do a little repairing…and that started a small summer hobby. At one point I had just over 20 Nintendo systems in my garage in varying states of repair. I’ve been able to buy them for about $10 a piece broken, and have sold them for as high as $45. I even made a few deals on Craig’s List that turned out really good. You can make money doing this, but not that much…maybe $10/hour type money. I’d be much better off working on my math worksheets project. That being said, I learned a ton about the old school Nintendo systems and how to fix them. I have the nicest revision of the SNES, and the newest version of the N64 they made. I have controllers with nice and responsive rubber that I replaced. My N64 controllers are still a work in progress, but soon they will have upgraded Gamecube style analog sticks. I can also put battery holders into SNES games! (I also got a Dreamcast…system, cables, and three controllers for $27 shipped!)

I know you can emulate NES, SNES, and N64 (mostly), but there is something about having the original system, original controllers, and a real game that make it so much more fun. Luke and I have started playing through Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. I don’t want him to have access to the WHOLE collection at once…maybe just a game or two at a time, and when he “finishes” them I can bring out some more. I put together a list of some of the best games that were made on each system that I’d like to collect. I figure if I’m ever going to collect anything, at least video games can be played over and over…it’s not something that simply sits on a shelf for you to stare at. You can see my want list here.

With each kid I’ve had fun staying up late and letting mommy sleep as much as possible. With Luke, I watched every season of the Office (that had been on up to that point). With Lorelai I watched 3 or 4 seasons of Dexter. With Logan I’ve watched Orange is the New Black, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and the most current season of Dexter.

I also started going to a “Young Dad’s” bible study once a week. First time since High School that I’ve done something like that. I’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s been a great way to get to know people at church. I won’t be able to go with work starting back up, but I’m hoping to find something at a different time that will work.

That’s what has been keeping me busy…but it’s back to work I go!