During the summer I tried kicking soda, coffee, and alcohol…and I did OK for awhile. And then I went back to work. :( I got back into the bad habit of needing a coffee in the morning (or some sort of caffeine) to wake up.

For the last week though I’ve been caffeine free, and it has been great. I’ve had a sprite, and even a “drink” on Friday night, but the ups and down of caffeine are gone.

I’ve been pretty good about getting to bed at a decent hour. I think my body needs 7 hours of sleep minimum…but more is definitely better.

I’ve been pushing my running this week, and surprisingly that helps with my energy. Usually when I’m done running I feel invigorated. Getting that blood pumping feels so good…like a natural high. And when you really push it, I swear it’s good for your skin!

I’m not sure where to go in my weight training. I have a couple of 15/10/5 pound weights, and I do some different exercises with them. They’re cheap, and don’t take up a lot of space. I think before I do anything else, I just need to be more consistent about using them.

Right now I just need some exercise goals. One of my goals when we moved was that I would run to the end of the local pier….6 miles or so. But that would require someone pick me up.

Anyone have any New Year’s resolutions regarding healthy living?