Technically we’re just selling right now, but eventually that will lead to moving.

Now if I’d had a crystal ball, we’d probably have moved 3-4 years ago, but the place I ordered from is still backordered. But it looks like prices have stabilized, and I doubt they go back up anytime soon, so we’re selling.

Luke isn’t school aged yet, but he will be soon. We don’t want him going to school here, so we’ve always planned on moving. I’m not sure where we’ll end up, but somewhere in the Rossmoor/Seal Beach direction. Not too far from work, but in an area we’d like to see Luke grow up (and us grow old).

House should be on the market within the week, and we’ll go from there. This last week we’ve been working like mad trying to make the place look good (boy do we have too many toys!). I’d love to sell and be somewhere new before summer’s end, but who knows. And since we’re doing a standard sale and trying to avoid any contingency, there’s a good chance we might have to squat at a parents house for a while.

Should be interesting!