I owe a complete baby post, and I should also do a Cambria post, but you’ll have to settle for a hodge podge of the last two weeks.

Took Luke for his 18 month check up (18.5 month if you want to get technical). He weighed in at 27.5 lbs, 33.5 inches. Put’s him right around the 70th-80th or so percentile. He’s doing better in height than weight, which I think at this point is a good thing. :)

And speaking of Luke, I like posting that kind of stuff on here as a way of journaling. In the next week though I am going to get a nice leatherbound journal to chronicle his life growing up. I think it would be really cool to read my dad’s thoughts from when I was 1.5 years old…or my grandpa’s thoughts when my dad was 1.5! How cool would that be? That’s what I want to do…sort of write a memoir/journal to him that he can read when he’s my age. Maybe once he moves out and has his first kid I will give it to him. Then he can read about the excitement I felt when he scored his first run, or how it pained me to discipline him (but that I hoped he would understand some day). These are all things I could tell him eventually….but our memories just aren’t that good. So I’m going to start my Luke diary this week, and when I fill it up I’ll start a new one. When we have another kid I want to start one just for them. Another goal of mine is to write a short “book” about my life before them, because that’s another thing your kids don’t ever hear much about. What was I like growing up…what did I do in High School, and college…all these fun memories I’ll be forgetting (and I’m sure I’ve already forgotten a lot!)

Cambria was a lot of fun, but I’ll try and make a bigger post later. We did a lot of eating, walking around, and lying around. I broke my caffeine streak finally. It was kind of sad…but I didn’t really want to go my whole life without ever having a cup of coffee in the morning, or the occassional mountain dew. If anything though, I want to treat it like alcohol. Having some every now and then is fine, but I was having a cup of coffee in the morning, sometimes a big soda at lunch (with a refill!) and it was killing me doing that every day. So now it’s a treat (like a beer!).