I need to not put so much importance on blog posts. They don’t have to be long or earth shattering…just there. :)

I’ve got a new band I’m digging called Valencia. Check them out over at purevolume.com. I highly recommend the two last songs on that list…”The Space Between” and “3000 Miles.” And no, it’s not a cover of the Proclaimers.

Looks like I finally need to update my theme. Been using the same once since around WordPress 1.5, and now something is broken over on the right side. I’m sure GeekyWeekly could fix it…but this thing needs a slight update anyways.

Luke has discovered the flashlight, and it’s COOL! You can point it all over, and it makes this circle of light appear! Oh my gosh! I should probably find something a little less dangerous than a maglite though. Yeah…we just hit the desk with it. haha. Pictures of him soon, I promise.