I’ve only missed a Thanksgiving post by a full week. :)

The baby is doing great. He had an ear infection that had spread to both ears, but two weeks ago he got a super antibiotic shot, and he’s all better now. Got our 8 month shots finally, and he weighed in at 23 pounds on the nose (at 8.5 months now).

On Thanksgiving Day he started to crawl, and it’s on video! He wanted Great Grandpa’s cane, and he pulled himself a good 4-5 feet across the floor to get it. Right now he mainly uses his right arm and his legs, and just leaves his left arm tucked under him. His favorite destinations on the floor are the Wii Fit and the cables on the front of the PS3. When Stacie asked me what I was going to do about that, I said I was going to place decoy cables around the room. Then he will crawl to the decoy cables and not mess up anything. I’m sure it will work.

I haven’t mentioned anything about my novel in months. I sent off two copies of it to be edited, and I now have them both back in my possession! My next step is to read through my editors’ notes, take some notes about any major changes I want to make, and then I need to go back through the entire thing one more time. My goal is to have it done by March/April because that will be two years since I started it. Originally I had hoped for Christmas time, but that’s not going to happen. Thanks again to Kevin and Joanne for all their hard work.

There’s a quick update on things. Baby pictures in the next one, I promise.