I just finished book 3 in the Dark Tower series. It’s a fun series so far with a lot of good sci-fi content but also some really great characters. I don’t want to say much about it because Kevin is also making his way through the series, but I think I’m ahead of him now. It’s interesting because book 1 was written in the 70′s, and book 3 was written in ’91. By the time I finish the series they will have spanned four different decades.

Before I move on to book 4 though I’ve checked out State of Emergency by Pat Buchanan. Hopefully this will be a good motivator for pre-election day postings. I’d also like to plug the local library where all these recent books have been checked out. The Dark Tower series might be worth buying, but I wasn’t about to spend $150+ on the hardbacks to find out. I’m hoping State of Emergency is also really good, but it’s probably not something I’ll go back and read in 10-20 years. The library is a great resource and money saver, and they even have a website!